If you’re a POV Alumn and have been gearing up to take the next step in your career journey, this might just be your chance to make film school happen!

The 2021 Pathway Discovery Bursary is made possible by our partnership with @torontofilmschool, in association with @bellmediapr, @redlabto, and @p10prod to bring back two full-tuitiion bursaries for graduates of POV, and an additional full-tuition bursary for a Black creative graduate of a POV program.

Deadline to apply: Friday, September 3

The 2021 Media Training Program is right around the corner! As POV’s flagship program, it offers a free 6-month experience that introduces aspiring content creators to the world of film, TV, digital and advertising.


2021 Media Training Program Eligibility requirements:

– Ontario Works Recipient
– Between the Ages of 18-29
– Passionate about working in the media industry
– Facing multiple barriers to employment
– Can attend all workshops between September 2021 and 
March 2021


Deadline to apply: Tuesday, September 7

POV, in partnership with Miziwe Biik, is running its Production Assistant Training Program for youth (18-30) from October 5 to November 18, 2021. 


The program is a blended model of online and in-person workshops to provide the requisite technical skills, set etiquette, and on-set production knowledge needed to enter the TV, Film, and commercial industries as a Production Assistant. The Director’s Guild of Canada provides insight and further training opportunities via the DGC Union. 


Upon completion of the training, qualified participants will receive placement opportunities to gain experience working on set or in a production office as a PA.


Key Program Training Topics Include:

– Gear and Supplies Orientation

– Production terminology

– Walkie-Talkie training

– Overview of Productions Departments

– Set procedure & etiquette

– Set Safety

– Production Paperwork

– Locations PA training vs. Set PA training vs. Office PA

– Film and TV versus commercials/videos/low budget P.A.


Deadline to apply: Monday, September 20