POV’s industry-led programming combines hands-on-technical training, one-to-one mentorship opportunities, and social skills development to prepare the next generation of diverse creatives to enter the workforce.


Our current programming initiatives include the Media Training Program, the Production Assistant Training Program, and the en/VISION Lab.

Upon successful completion of one of our programs, youth (aged 18-29) are given the opportunity to continue their training with us or with industry partners and institutions through apprenticeships, internships, job placements, and professional development opportunities.

In addition to these opportunities, we offer support to all POV alumni and the broader community through digital programs like POV Labs, POV Talks, and POV Screens. These programs enable established creatives, including our alumni, to reinvest in the POV community by facilitating skills-based workshops, sharing their creative journeys and/or showcasing their work.


The Media Training Program (MTP) is POV’s flagship, six-month program. It introduces aspiring creatives to the film, TV/digital, and advertising industries with the aim of defining a career path and honing the technical skills needed to enter the labour market. Participants meet weekly for a mix of technical training, experiential learning, and industry exploration that informs the development, production and editing processes of their own short films. A critical component of the MTP is our emphasis on soft skills and leadership development, which allows graduates to confidently navigate the industry as emerging filmmakers.


The Production Assistant Training Program (PATP) is a six-week entry level technical training program that provides the requisite vocational skills, knowledge, and soft skills needed to work in the TV and Film industry as a Production Assistant (PA). Through mock sets and experiential modules that focus on the responsibilities of Commercial, Locations, Office and Set PAs, participants learn key production protocols and best practices. Upon completion of the program, alumni receive paid placements and internships to gain experience working on set and qualify for the DGC’s Guild Apprenticeship Program.


The en/VISION Lab is an eight-week online career exploration program that introduces participants to the content production industry. Through weekly labs, participants develop practical skills in storytelling, and content creation and production. Artistic expression sessions help youth sharpen their knowledge of self, establish artistic wellness practices, and set intentional career goals.


In 2020, the Toronto Film School, in association with Bell Media, RedLabTO, and Project 10 partnered with POV to launch two full-tuition bursaries for graduates of POV, and an additional full-tuition bursary for a Black creative graduate of a POV program. Upon graduation, each bursary recipient will have the opportunity to take part in a paid production internship at RedLabTO.


This meaningful initiative builds an important pathway for our participants to continue their training journeys, and strengthen their skills as they prepare for meaningful careers in the film industry.


The PATHWAYS TO POST PRODUCTION PROJECT is a two year collaborative initiative to increase access for young Black Women ages 18-29 to employment in post-production within the FILM, TV & MEDIA Industry in the GTA. The collaborative is made up of POV, Work in Culture, OYA Media Group, Black Women Film! Canada and the Toronto Screen Office.