Media Training Program: Cohort Film Panel Discussions

The 2021 Media Training Program cohort speaks about their experiences creating Mismatch and Fools Like Me.

When the MTP began, participants were tasked with pitching their ideas for films.  Once FOOLS LIKE ME and MISMATCH were selected, they were challenged to work together to take these films from script to screen. Based on their strengths and interests, participants were assigned specific roles during the filmmaking process to capitalize on their talent and creativity. 

In addition to the obstacles that most filmmakers face when getting a project off the ground, our participants had to account for COVID-related restrictions, and reduce the number of characters for each film to keep numbers low on set. They were given a small budget to source props and secure actors, and had two days each to shoot.  To say that we are proud of them would be an understatement!


The films can be viewed from June 30-July 5. 


Mismatch: Director and Producer Panel

The Director and Producer of Mismatch reflect on remaining flexible in pursuit of their creative vision from reworking the Mismatch script, to rolling with the punches during production.

Pictured from left to right are Aurora Grilo (Producer), Lisann George (Producer and Sound Designer), Sumayah Deen (Writer and Assistant Director) and Oyin Olalekan (POV Programs Manager).

Fools Like Me: Producing Panel

The writing and producing team of Fools Like Me, reflect on the challenges of communicating and creating within the parameters of a pandemic-conscious production. 

Pictured from left to right are Clayton Batson (Producer and Assistant Director), Tasha Gray (Writer and Director) and Oyin Olalekan (POV Programs Manager).

Mismatch: Editors Panel

The post-production team crack jokes as they look back on the process of problem solving in the edit room to bring home the final vision of MISMATCH.

Pictured from left to right are Yazid Mohamednur (Director of Photography), Meraj Badiuzzaman (Associate Producer, Lead Editor and Sound Recordist) and Oyin Olalekan (POV Programs Manager).