POV believes that the creative possibilities of the content production industries hinge on a wider and more inclusive talent pool. Since 2007, we have been levelling the field for talented, untapped youth from across the GTA through training and mentorship opportunities, and by catalyzing sustainable collaborations that lead to meaningful careers in content production.


POV’s industry-led programming combines hands-on-technical training, one-to-one mentorship opportunities, and social skills development to prepare the next generation of diverse creatives to enter the workforce.


Our current programming initiatives include the Media Training Program, the Production Assistant Training Program, and the en/VISION Lab.

Upon successful completion of one of our programs, youth (aged 18-29) are given the opportunity to continue their training with us or with industry partners and institutions through apprenticeships, internships, job placements, and professional development opportunities.


In addition to these opportunities, we offer support to all POV alumni and the broader community through digital programs like POV Labs, POV Talks, and POV Screens. These programs enable established creatives, including our alumni, to reinvest in the POV community by facilitating skills-based workshops, sharing their creative journeys and/or showcasing their work.


Clayton Batson | MTP Alumni, 2020/2021

Tony Arthur | MTP Alumni, 2020/2021

Meraj Badiuzzaman | MTP Alumni, 2020/2021

Tasha Gray | MTP Alumni, 2020/2021