As a country that prides itself on multiculturalism, Canada’s workforce ought to reflect its population. But time and again, its largest and most lucrative industries have systematically excluded diverse communities, limiting the range and quality of ideas and talent we have access to.


In the TV, film and advertising industries, diversity in its truest form—where people of every colour and background are represented and have a voice—is more than a buzzword; it is a moral and economic imperative. A more diverse content production sector is a more creative and competitive one. 


Founded in 2007 by Edie Weiss and Jeff Kopas to address this issue, POV has spent the last decade developing a model that ensures diverse creatives have a viable first point of entry into the sector.  Since then, we’ve helped over 250 youth from across the GTA find fulfilling jobs, establish meaningful careers, and effectively mentor the next generation of content creators.

In the last five years, we’ve intentionally prioritized BIPOC, 2SLGBTQIA+, newcomer and refugee communities in our work because when we center the most marginalized, everyone wins.  Slowly but surely, the impact of this work is being felt, but we are determined to do more. To expand our efforts, we are launching the “Next Gen” campaign to raise funds to establish a permanent home.  This home will increase the number of young people who receive training through our programs, give us room to grow our initiatives, and secure our future in the sector. 



Edie Weiss – Board President

Wahn Yoon – Board Chair

Ilene Bronsteter – Chair, Finance Committee

Rem Langan – Chair, HR & Governance

Michelle Archer – Chair, Communications

Jen De Lucia – Board Secretary

Helga Stephenson

Scott Mackenzie

Divya Shahani

Franca Piacente

Clarence Ford

Orville Wallace

Shawn Ahmed

Oswaldo Quiroz
Marla Boltman


Biju Pappachan – Executive Director

Naphtali Mc Kenly – Creative Director

Lauren Glinton – Operations Manager

Oyin Olalekan – Programs Manager

Richard Ashman – Creative Lead

Reuben Taylor – Program Facilitator

Sarah Carrier – Program Facilitator

Carlos Nobolt – Program Coordinator

Lindsey Valve – Research and Evaluation Consultant 

Alex Meers – HR Consultant


Clayton Batson | MTP Alumni, 2020/2021

Tony Arthur | MTP Alumni, 2020/2021

Meraj Badiuzzaman | MTP Alumni, 2020/2021

Tasha Gray | MTP Alumni, 2020/2021

Carlos Noblot | MTP Alumni, 2020/2021