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Since 2007, we have trained, placed and kept talented youth in the exciting world of film, television, journalism, photography and new media.


POV programming combines hands-on- technical training, one-to-one mentorship opportunities, and social skills development for the next generation of diverse filmmakers and content creators.
Working with our network of industry partners and employers, we then connect young creatives ages 18-25 with internships and job opportunities across the content production sector. Our industry-led training programs educate emerging filmmakers and creatives through a rigorous process that prepares them for successful entry into the content creation industry.
Upon leaving our programs, POV continues offering support to our alumni and broader community through our digital platforms including POVLabs, POV Talks, and POV Screens.

This is an exceptional opportunity and the program is quite literally changing people's lives.

- Jeff Kopas, Co-Founder

POV and 3RD Street combined are a truly unique program, unlike anything else available.

- Jamie Purdon, Co-Founder

Our Partnership

In 2012 POV ran twelve modules in partnership with 3rd Street. This collaboration proved extremely successful and led to our combined training program that not only equips our students with valuable technical skills, but also imparts critical thinking and soft skills that they might not otherwise learn.

Together we are able to prepare our students for, and subsequently place them in, their desired media jobs, as well as mentor them throughout their emerging careers. The partnership between POV and 3rd Street has created an organization like no other: POV 3rd Street is literally changing people’s lives.

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